EXIST [br] scholarship for [br] CEO & CTOsitcom by Michael Bully Herbig [br] assistant to the producercamera blocking masterclass [br] with Per Holmesmasterclass scenes and dialogue for screenplays [br] Karl Iglesias, UCLAVFX internship [br] Pixomondo Munichentrepreneurship masterclass [br] University of Munichvideo intern for Bridesmaids [br] produced by Judd Apatowvideo playback intern[br]Glendale, USAsound/video intern [br]Burbank, USAdigital video assist intern [br] Leavesden Studios, UKtour guide at Bavaria Film Studios[br]Munichlanguage course in Amboise[br]France stipendiary of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation[br]Max Weber Fellowshipmember of [br] the Bavarian elite networkScholar of [br] e-fellowsscreenwriting workshop in Jerusalem[br] Prof. Doris Dörrie & Sam Spiegel FilmschoolUniversity of TV and Film Munich[br] directing trackspeed reading seminar[br]Munich
production assistance training [br] Embassy of Dreams, Munichset runner[br]ZDF TV moviescholarship[br]best high school diploma of South Tyrolcomenius exchange program [br] Dublin, IrelandRealgymnasium Bolzano [br] scientific lyceummaths summer academy[br]Rechtenthal Castle, Termeno + TU K.winner of the [br] 1. South Tyrolean Speech Conteststudent exchange [br]in Los Angeles, USAeditor at Distanz [br]Gymnasium Bolzanovisiting student of Applied Computer Sciences [br] University of Bolzanologistics internship[br] Miele Italiaphysics academy [br]Rechtenthal Castle, TermenoCAD drawing internship[br]Bolzanoresearch internship [br] Bayer ItaliaFounder of [br] Mirox Mediamember of the South Tyroleon climbing team[br] Italian Championships, RavennaAppiano music school[br] solfeggio and keyboardsprimary and middle school[br] Appiano, South Tyrol, Italyborn on August 3[br] in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

At Work