Masterclass with Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC

Mar 15

From time to time, the big wigs from Hollywood come around the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) to share their experiences in masterclasses with us.

During the last week of February, Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC was stepping by. Lindenlaub, former HFF student with German roots, is a blockbuster director of photography, probably best known for Independence Day by Roland Emmerich (an HFF alumnus himself). KWL spoke with us about his recent project The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This picture was mainly shot in Prague and New Zealand in summer 2007. Cameras and light equipment came from ARRI Rental in Munich (btw, same story with The Lord of the Rings and King Kong). And as far as I remember, the Hollywoodians grabbed ALL of the light ARRI Munich had to offer then – so that, when I was shooting „In Formatica“ in that summer, no floodlights were left over in whole Munich. Thank you, Karl ;)

KWL talked to us about shooting action sequences, previz of big budget pictures, dealing with modells and tricky night shoots.
In the afternoon, Thomas Zauner, CEO of Scanline VFX Munich, spoke about the Water-God-sequence of Narnia 2. The academy-award-winning postproduction facility Scanline/Flowline is world-famous for creating some of the finest digital water (and fire). They’ve been responsable for the water sequences in 300 and Poseidon and are currently working on 2012 by master of disaster Roland Emmerich.

On the second day, we had two tough stuntmen from Steinmeier & Mohr with us.
It was a lot of fun working with the stunt people, shooting a whole fight with multiple cameras and figuring out the best camera positions for creating dynamic shots.

You can get an impression of the scene from the stills beneath:

On the other days, we shot and edited various dialogue scenes with actors.
Thanks to Karl Walter for this great masterclass and for giving us very useful tipps and looks-inside-the-industry only pros can have!

  • Hans

    Das sieht ja sehr gut aus.Die Szenen sind echt Action-Sezenen.Sehr gut,bravo!