Apple Apps I couldn’t live without, part 1: Quicksilver

Jul 28

Okay, herewith I gonna start a short series about my favorite Apps vor Mac. I call them „Apple Apps I couldn’t live without“, even though they might be from third parties as well. But, at the end, it’s always the Apple that should taste good, right?
There are just 2 rules for an app to make it in this section: 1. It should be really useful (and I mean useful in everyday’s digital life, no gimcrack apps and stuff), 2. It should be freeware. Niente Dollaros.

Yepp, let’s begin. Well, there are still some Mac users out there who don’t know about Quicksilver. It’s an app everyone should have. Absoutely! It increases the efficiency of your mac by.. mhh.. let’s say, 400%. Not kidding.

Quicksilver can launch programs by typing in their name. So, if I want to open photoshop, I press ctrl + spacebar, type in „photo“, press enter, and it opens Photoshop. Takes 2 seconds. Or, if I want to go to my system preferences, I hit ctrl + space + type in „sys“, and -bingo- I’m right there in the system control panel.
It makes sense, if you have dozens of apps installed and don’t want to add them all to your dock like this:
(it’s no joke, I really know people who have that long ones.. and even longer ones ;)

It’s an old rule: the keyboard’s always faster than the mouse. That’s why it’s called „shortcut“. And the use of Quicksilver is very intuitive as well.
I’m wondering, why Apple hasn’t integrated the tool in their MacOsX yet – it’s definitely an app everyone should use!

But it’s not only a launcher – you can search for your contacts, web sites and much more!
A nice gimmick: You can also screen a message on your display like this:

Or you can set an alarm clock and screen a message at a certain time or after a specific delay:

Okay, and now go to: blacktree.comand get this tool! I mean it.